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Soy wax is a sustainable, biodegradable, and earth-friendly choice that’s free of carcinogens and toxins that may be found in other wax products. It’s also a clean-burning solution that doesn’t produce carbon soot like petroleum-based paraffin wax. Because our soy wax candles burn cooler, they can also last up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles. Grand Candles soy candles will burn clean and slow for up to 100 hours.

Fragrance Oils

We collaborate with multiple high-end fragrance houses based in the United States to create our bespoke scents. Our fragrance oils are derived from both natural and high quality synthetic ingredients. We source only phthalate-free fragrance oils, which means they are non-toxic to burn. Research has shown that phthalates may be harmful to one's health and may cause birth defects.

Our Wicks

We use only cotton core wicks primed with beeswax, as all the components are sustainable - cotton and beeswax. Other wicks on the market include metal core wicks which use tin, aluminum, or lead - non-renewable resources. However, lead core wicks were banned in the United States in 2003. There are also wicks available that are primed with petroleum, which we do not use for the reasons listed above about paraffin wax.

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