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Sea Salt Caramel Reed Diffuser

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Indulgence takes on a new form with our Sea Salt Caramel Reed Diffuser. You'll be transported to a world of temptation and delight. Notes of sea salt add a savory complexity, while caramelized sugar weaves a tapestry of sweetness. Rich brown sugar infuses warmth and depth, creating the perfect backdrop for the star of the show – the nutty blend of pecan and hazelnut. The vanilla, tonka bean, and caramel harmonizes seamlessly, enhancing the buttery goodness of this irresistible treat. It's a fragrance that will remind you of a gourmet confection, making Sea Salt Caramel a sensory journey that captures the essence of pure pleasure of indulgence.

Note Profile:
Top: Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt
Middle: Butter, Praline, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Hazelnut
Base: Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Natural & Essential Oils
Alcohol-Free - No Sulfates
Non-Toxic & Safe
Long Lasting & Delicately Scented

Ideal for busy households with small children or pets.
Relax with comfort knowing this reed diffuser is made with natural & essential oils for a safe long-lasting scent in any room.
Hassle-free way to keep your living spaces smelling fresh with its alcohol-free formula that does not contain sulfates.

    Sea Salt Caramel Reed Diffuser Grand Candles LLC
    Sea Salt Caramel Reed Diffuser Grand Candles LLC
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