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Banana Nut Bread Wax Melt

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This delicious Banana Nut Bread soy wax melt is the perfect way to add the aroma of a homemade bakery to your home. Whether you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or just enjoy the cozy scent of banana nut bread, this melt has it all! Top notes of toasted walnut and ripe banana combine with warm spices like clove, cardamom, and nutmeg for a rich and sweet aroma. Our blend is then rounded out by notes of sugar and spice from cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, orange, and lemon essential oils. Enjoy this comforting scent in any space with our premium 100% natural soy wax melts!

Note Profile:
- Top: Banana, Walnut, Lemon Peel
- Middle: Nutmeg, Sugar
- Base: Tonka Bean, Butter, Vanilla

- Made with 100% natural soy wax
- Infused with essential oils for an authentic aroma experience
- Responsibly sourced ingredients

- Aromatic enough to fill a large room without overwhelming it
- Adds subtle accents without overpowering other scents
- Alternative to candles

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Banana Nut Bread Wax Melt Grand Candles LLC
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