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Saffron Santal Soy Wax Melt

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Enjoy the opulent aroma of the Saffron Santal Soy Wax Melt. Our wax melt is expertly created with premium essential oils, natural soy wax, and a warm aroma that will fill your house with a welcoming atmosphere. Golden saffron, exotic santal wood, and delicate floral notes combine to create a distinctive scent that is both calming and energizing. Whether you're unwinding after a hard day or spending a romantic evening at home, our Saffron Santel Soy Wax Melt is ideal for setting a calming mood. Our wax melt's smell will linger on your skin for a very long time.

Note Profile:
- Top: Bergamot, Geranium
- Middle: Rose, Violet, Raspberry
- Base: Saffron, Leather, Vetiver

- Made from 100% Soy wax
- All Natural scented oils
- Long Lasting Fragrance

- Environmentally friendly
- Cleaner burning
- Longer lasting
- Better fragrance throw

    Saffron Santal Soy Wax Melt
    Saffron Santal Soy Wax Melt
    Saffron Santal Soy Wax Melt
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