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White Oak Vanilla Wax Melt

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With our White Oak Vanilla soy wax melt, indulge in the warm, woody scent of white oak and sweetness of vanilla. This wax melt emits a lovely perfume that can last for hours and is made from only natural soy wax. Every event will be ideal thanks to our exclusive formula's consistent and long-lasting aroma sensation. Simply put the wax melt in your preferred wax warmer to fill your home with the calming aroma of coziness. Our soy wax melt is safe to use around children and pets because it is created from all-natural, non-toxic materials. The wax melt is a great option for those who care about the environment because it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Note Profile:
Top: Palm, Aloe
Middle: Oak, Leather, Patchouli
Base: Smoke, Vanilla, Whiskey

∘ Made from 100% Soy wax
∘ All Natural scented oils
∘ Long Lasting Fragrance

∘ Environmentally friendly
∘ Cleaner burning
∘ Longer lasting
∘ Better fragrance throw

    White Oak Vanilla Wax Melt
    White Oak Vanilla Wax Melt