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White Oak Vanilla Candle

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With our White Oak Vanilla Soy Candle, indulge in the warm, woody scent of white oak and sweetness of vanilla. This candle emits a lovely perfume that can last for hours and is made from only natural soy wax. Every event will be ideal thanks to our exclusive formula's consistent and long-lasting aroma sensation. Simply light your candle to fill your home with the calming aroma of coziness. Our soy wax candle is safe to use around children and pets because it is created from all-natural, non-toxic materials.

Top: Palm, Aloe
Middle: Oak, Leather, Patchouli
Base: Smoke, Vanilla, Whiskey

Escape the Ordinary: Immerse yourself in the unique and captivating scent of the White Oak Vanilla, unlike any other candle you've encountered
Unwind and Reconnect: Let the calming smoke and earthy notes wash away stress and inspire introspection
Clean and Natural: Hand-poured with eco-friendly soy wax and infused with pure essential oils, our candle burns clean and delivers a long-lasting, natural fragrance

100% Natural Soy Wax: Burns cleaner and longer than traditional candles, releasing less soot and harmful chemicals
Essential Oil Infused: Aromatherapy benefits to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance well-being
Hand-poured: Each candle is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful and unique piece
Sustainable and Eco-friendly: Soy wax and essential oils make this candle a responsible choice for the planet-conscious consumer

Perfect for:
Gifting: Makes a unique and thoughtful present for anyone
Home Décor: Adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to any space
Meditation and Yoga: Enhance your practice with the grounding and introspective aroma
Bath Time Relaxation: Create a spa-like ambiance with the calming warm, woody scent
Book Lovers: Let the candle set the mood for an evening lost in a captivating story

Dimensions & Burn Time:
18 oz Tumbler Jar – Triple Wicked
4” x 3.5”
80-85 hours of burn time

10 oz Tumbler Jar – Double Wicked
3.06” x 3.5”
40-50 hours of burn time

4 oz Metal Tin – Single Wicked
2.25” x 2.25”
20-25 hours of burn time

    White Oak Vanilla Candle
    White Oak Vanilla Candle
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